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Market St. @ Noe St.
San Francisco, CA 94114

Keeping it Fresh at the Castro Farmers Market

PCFMA Castro Farmers Market - Castro District, San FranciscoBustling and bursting with life the Castro Farmer's market has returned for its second season even better than before every Wednesday from 4-8pm. Now featuring live music and an even greater traffic level it is an exciting time for the neighborhood. With an always fresh seasonal bounty of fruits, vegetables, meats, and more the Castro Street Farmers Market cannot be missed.

While the market boasts the expected vegetable and fruit assortments; what's truly special about this market are the stands that offer the less common farmers market attire such as goat cheese stuffed raviolis, tender cuts of meat, salted nuts, dried goods, warm breads and so much more.

Perusing the stands while engaging the knowledgeable vendors is a pleasurable and educational experience. The vendors are all too happy to answer any questions you may have while explaining the ways of their goods. Want a little history of those farm fresh eggs? Ask, and you will get a story. While chatting with the local vendors be sure to partake of the gamete of free samples. Some personal favorites include the organic sorbets, and fresh cheeses. Be sure to check out these must see vendors:

Shelly's Garden: Fresh eggs and fragrant herbs.

Calolea Olive Oil: Wonderful olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Happy Boy: A variety of seasonal organic vegetables.

City Bees: Sweet local honey.

Pick-a-peck Pickles: Crunchy pickles and other veggies.

Scream Sorbet: Fresh and fruity handmade sorbets.

You may come hungry and leave full; a true indicator that you have visited a note worthy Farmers Market!

Also, don't forget to visit some of the local restaurants and cafes nearby. After making your produce purchases head Café Flore located at the end of Noe Street directly on the corner. It is a great place to grab a coffee and catch up with friends. In fact, have them meet you there. Flore now has a liquor license so if coffee isn't for you can sip your way to merriment while watching the hustle and bustle of the market parade.

Be sure to make it to opening day this Wednesday April 7th. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be making an appearance to offer blessings while cutting a ribbon with Supervisor Bevan Dufty. You can also enter a raffle to win a bag of fresh produce!

Some of the fresh seasonal produce will include:

Vegetables: Artichokes, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, English peas, green onions, hothouse tomatoes, kale, potatoes, radishes, snow peas, spinach.

Fruit: Apples, mandarins, oranges, pommelos, strawberries.

Other Market Products: Fresh herbs, baked breads and pastries, jams, sauces and dips, orange juice and apple cider, kettle corn, local honey, cut flowers and nursery starts.

-Written and Reviewed by A.G Royale – May 1, 2010