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2123 Market St. @ Church St.
San Francisco

CROSSROADS - May 1, 2010

Crossroads Trading Company Castro District San Francisco, CAWith an abundance of fanciful fashions Crossroads Trading Co. Is an absolute must when looking for a great INEXPENSIVE outfit. Crossroads is located at the epicenter of diverging traffic on Market and Church. This Castro location (they have 4 SF locations,) is easy to get to from wherever you are in the city. You can catch the MUNI, hop on an assortment of bus lines, or if you are feeling nostalgic ride the F line with ease.

What sets Crossroads apart from every other consignment store in San Francisco? It's simple, at Crossroads you are able to bring in clothes that you no longer want and sell them for cash or use as store credit. You have to be selective however as the buyer wont simply take your tattered Nike tee and hand you cash. The key to ensuring that you make some cash is making sure that your clothes are clean, without wear, and are in season. Be sure to check with the Crossroads you will be bringing your clothes into by calling ahead and inquiring about what the buyers are looking for.

While all the Crossroads locations are similar the Castro location is superior in selection. The reason for such great selection? It's gay boys of course. The boys flock here to retire their old rags in exchange for new ones. This aspect of the Crossroads business model is unique and works to the consumers (your) advantage.

Be sure to make frequent appearances as the influx of clothes, shoes, scarves, jackets, purses, and even accessories changes daily. It's great to stop in after a long day to relieve some stress by purchasing a new outfit. After all you simply can't feel guilty about buying a pair of Diesel jeans for thirty bucks. Plus, with the San Francisco fashion scene changing quicker than the seasons its always a safe cost effective bet purchasing at Crossroads.

Some advice from the Buyers at crossroads:
  • Make room in your closet by bringing in current, gently used brand-name items.
  • Please bring in only items that are clean and in excellent condition.
  • Sign in at the counter for the next available buyer.
The buyer will review your items, determine if we can sell them in our store and price them based on the following criteria:
  • Style
  • Season
  • Condition
  • Brand
  • Store's current stock levels

You are welcome to shop while you sell. If you find items you'd like to buy, you can use your 50% trade; or, you can take the 35% in cash and be on your way!

We encourage our customers to ask questions. Our friendly buyers are highly trained and there to answer all your questions.

In a rush? Most of our stores offer drop-off buying. You leave your items at the buying counter and return to collect your cash or trade after 24 hours. Currently, the only Crossroads stores that do not offer drop-off buying are our Oakland and Stockton stores.

Crossroads is a must shop stop when in need of an inexpensive stylish outfit. With plenty to choose from be sure to invest some time in store while surfing the racks. In addition, when your closet needs some room stop in to sell some of your not longer needed clothes for cash or store credit. The Castro Crossroads location is easy to get to even when traveling on foot so there is no excuse to not stop by. Don't forget that the merchandise changes daily so be sure to stop in often to relive some stress and find some delightful new threads!