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Any thoughts on this intriguing story Castro San Francisco? In northern California's latest campaign to scare parents about homosexuals, a some four dozens second-graders from an all-boys school paid a visit to San Francisco's Castro district, where the gheys are. Parents are outraged!

The seven-and-eight-year-olds from Town School went on a walking tour with a local historian to learn about LGBT history in the city to include Castro San Francisco. What could possibly go wrong? The San Francisco Chronicle relays:

The guide walked the boys by Pink Triangle Memorial Park, where 15 granite pylons rise above the ground in remembrance of the estimated 15,000 gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders who were persecuted, imprisoned and killed during and after the Nazi regime. A few other stops on the tour included the wildly colored Hope for the World Cure Mural, a pictorial depiction of the AIDS epidemic; the Human Rights Campaign Action Center, local headquarters for a civil rights organization promoting fairness for LGBT Americans; and Harvey Milk's camera shop, which the former gay activist and pioneering politician once lived above.

While the majority of the second-grade parents were in support of the field trip, the school is under fire by a handful of parents, who questioned whether the Castro San Francisco is an appropriate destination for 8-year-old boys. One parent in particular reached out to SFGate and expressed frustration, anxiety, and confusion around the field trip, as well as a complex array of sentiments ranging from disapproval of teachers who told students that the word gay means "happy," to fears that the Castro San Francisco community would be unwelcoming to children.

By "parents," the Chronicle means "two," so it's not like the entire school community is horrified. But the outraged parents are causing a stir, going on the local CBS 5 news to -- anonymously -- voice their homophobia.

Last week, one of those parents contacted the CBS News desk and CBS 5 Eyewitness News featured a segment highlighting the controversy. The mother, who remained anonymous on the show, said: "Why would you talk to a young child about sex with a man and a woman let alone a man and a man or a woman and a woman? It just doesn't seem right. They are not ready for that."

Well that's certainly a funny thing to say, because among all the things discussed on the tour, sticking a penis up a butt was not one of them. But what else would you take away from an educational field trip about civil rights and Harvey Milk? The tour even purposefully avoided the Castro San Francisco’s sex shops. But on the CBS report, a gay male friend of one of the upset parents appeared on the segment to concur, deriding the Castro as a kid-unfriendly zone. (The report also claimed parents were given no choice but to let their kids go on the trip.)