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Volunteers will distribute thousands of nametags to San Franciscans, stirring up conversation, friendship

San Francisco, CA — May 14, 2015 — On Saturday, June 6, teams of volunteers at five locations throughout San Francisco will hand out free nametags to passersby. Nametag Day organizers hope to add some familiarity, joy, and spontaneity to a day in the life of San Francisco residents and visitors.

“The goal of Nametag Day is to slow down the pace of the City just a bit and give San Francisco a small town feel for a day, so we can appreciate the people all around us,” says organizer Michael Morgenstern. “We hope to make Nametag Day an annual event and to bring San Franciscans a little closer together every year.”

Nametag Day organizers have raised $2,500 through Kickstarter campaign contributions to cover costs. Over a hundred volunteers have signed up on to distribute nametags between 11am and 5pm in various city regions, including:

Dolores Park
Castro @ Market
Hayes @ Octavia
Golden Gate Park / CA Academy of Sciences

Nametag Day is a non-profit, all-volunteer effort, with the singular goal of bringing a smile to thousands of San Francisco faces.

Inquiries should be directed to: