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SAN FRANCISCO - The Bay Area has long been a hotbed for new-aged therapy options. Afterall, life in San Francisco has been hectic for a long time, and never more so than now if you work in the tech industry here. If it isn’t a protest happening over your company doing well, or a begrudged neighbor mad because you can afford the rent, then it’s a disgruntled boss who isn’t happy that you’re only working 90 hours when everyone else is putting in triple digits. Needless to say, people need a new way to relax, conveniently, efficiently and effectively. Add to this the fact that a lot of younger millennials do not enjoy disrobing and being rubbed down by a complete stranger for a “relaxing” massage  and you’ve got reason to create something better. Well, over the past year, several lucky people have discovered, and lauded The Bay’s newest kind of therapy service called The Relaxation Lab. The Relaxation Lab, based in San Francisco’s Castro District, is a revolutionary new blend of sound, tech, and therapeutic service that really does work, and has the unbelieveable testimonials to prove it.

The Lab’s founder, Itai Argaman, has been working in Sound for nearly 20 years and is extremely excited to be applying his expertise to helping people relax. Originally Itai trained as a Sound Engineer in his native Israel, and later traveled the world as a musician with two albums released. Itai became a sound mixer for several musicians around the world and for years has been obsessed with discovering new ways for sound to help people. The Relaxation Lab just takes that to a whole new level, as a completely new kind of therapy blending tech and soundwaves in ways that are really, uniquely similar to current life in the city. Unlike a traditional massage or therapeutic session, the relaxation lab doesn’t require you to do anything, take anything off or even be present at all, in fact Itai suggests that you simply focus on your breathing and let the soundwaves take you where you need to go. You lay down on a specially designed, one of a kind vibroacoustic bed that, when combined with high-end noise canceling headphones, a blackout eyemask, professionally mixed soundwaves literally vibrates like nothing you’ve ever felt before and transports you to another place in under a minute. A place of deep, deep tranquility and focus. Your body drifts through what feels like alternate dimensions as your brain becomes super aware but your body becomes almost lifeless.  Argaman says simply “I’ve been mixing sound in the form of music for decades to make people dance and have a good time and I discovered a few years ago that similar non-musical soundwaves can have profound effects on guiding people to relaxation”.

To start the process, Itai consults with patients about their lives, calmly asking them routine questions to understand what they want to accomplish from the service and then he custom mixes (in real time as you’re relaxing on the bed)  theta, beta, and alpha waves to, in essence, professionally coax your brain to achieve those goals for you.  Brainwave entrainment therapy, as it’s professionally called, has different physiological impacts on each individual’s body. All sessions are made with a mixed blend of tones, brainwave frequencies, ambient, and binaural beats to stimulate the natural mending abilities inside of the brain and body. The fundamental objectives for this brainwave entrainment therapy is to unwind, and restore both the mind and body. Further, some clients have already used this therapy to minimize their dependence on long lasting medications which is incredible. Brainwave entrainment is a safe, simple and lovely approach to taking away a variety of symptoms by changing the state of the brain. Many clients admit to feeling as if they are on a true trip to a different state of consciousness, without ever taking a drug or drinking a thing.

The relaxation Lab’s reviews are so gushing it’s hard to believe that people aren’t knocking Itai’s door down to try the therapy for themselves, although he is already quite backed up.  Reviews on Yelp all read like the following “This treatment helped me a lot with my insomnia and reducing my stress levels, I'm much more focused and sharp. Overall I did 6 treatments, I highly recommend it!  -Yuval N. Another review says “This was a deeply relaxing experience. Itai has a profound understanding of frequencies of the brain, and how to use audio and music to access and optimize these frequencies.  I highly suggest trying this modality, not just for relaxation, but to maximize your brain waves. - Kelly N.

It’s clear that this new phenomenon is here to stay as more and more clients arise. Itai swears he doesn’t do any marketing, “it’s pure word of mouth, which tells me, it’s working”.

About the Relaxation Lab:

The Relaxation Lab is a professional, on demand sound therapy session like none you’ve ever seen. We combine state of the art Sound Entrainment Therapy in the form of professionally mixed soundwaves, with a one of a kind vibroacoustic bed to take clients to an elevated level of consciousness and incredible relaxation. Led by 20 year sound engineering veteran Itai Argaman, the lab sessions have an amazing affect on helping stressed and overworked clients clear their mind, focus on their goals and relieve their worries. Sessions have been proven to reduce stress, fix behaviour problems, enhance cognitive function, alleviate headaches and pain, and help with PMS and chronic fatigue. More information can be found at